IVR Marketing

call center, phone, service

Website Features

  • Configure a personalized IVR message and prompts

  • Improves Lead Conversion

  • Collect information about your callers

  • Prioritize calls based on value

  • Use pre-recorded IVR messages

  • Automate customer service

What Actually We Love To Do

IVR is one of the efficient ways to carry out marketing these days. What you can do is, instead of sending out emails and running ads asking people to download your white paper, you can ask them to call a special number to interact with your IVR. With our chosen databases, you not only capture their contact information but also record their IVR responses for future marketing campaigns. IVR helps you score phone leads as per the databases chosen by you. Goods leads generated from IVR can be directed to sales for an immediate conversation. You can also use this IVR to conduct market research or receive customer feedback as and when required by you. We help you generate these IVR’s so that you are one step closer to your audiences.


Digitech Media is a customer friendly Digital Marketing Company which works according to our needs and wants rather than imposing the obvious. They mould their services to fit our requisites.

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