The Golden Power of LinkedIn Content Creation

There’s a lot in the plate.
I know.
But if you’re into b2b content marketing, I don’t think you should miss out on this kind of exposure of 300+ million active users.
I know LinkedIn looks like another to-do-list task.
But really worth it.
So,go create the content your audience would value.
But wait, don’t make it monotonous.
Any colour is the new black,right?
Keep your video short so that your viewers invest the time in.
But make sure they go all in.
And yes, make sure you use the trending hashtags.
That’s just a bonus.
Make good use of the 1300 character limit and once you hit the right audience,
they automatically will click on your profile to know you more.
Tada! You got them on board.
But yes, you have to be consistent.
Do keep a track of your own data.
And within sometime you would know what time is best for your audience.
Oh wait, don’t forget to generate comments.
The more, the better.
Get your friends or employees to comment.
Sounds a bit shameless, but so worthy.
It’s not hard when you think about it.
Its just regularity doing the magic.
So what you waiting for?
Go seek your potential customers.

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