Microcontent and marketing efforts

If you are reading this right now, high chance you are using your phone.
And with this increment in mobile traffic upto 200% , most people use their phones to engage in content.
But at the same time, there’s a considerable decrement in their attention span.
And that means, no one is spending a lot of time in a single app.
If you have an account in Tiktok or Instagram, you definitely know what microcontent is.
Microcontent are short snippets that give the consumer stand alone information.
Within this less than 30 seconds of duration, you have to get the attention.
Positioning your brand in a way that attracts the customer, makes them keep coming back.
Like if you are into memes, definitely you have your favourite meme page.
And you’ve been consuming their content almost every day cause you like it.
You should be a reliable source of information.
Trust is the bonding brick.
Don’t miss that.
If someone is seeing your 1st micropost or 34th, they should have an urge to know about the larger content.
Also, it’s important to choose the right media.
With every new platform, microcontent acts as a foundation for the online world.
The faster you know to use it to your advantage,the better.

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